Great Word Press Blogs


Great Word Press Blogs

Addie as a Periodic Table

In a very interesting way instructional designer, Mariana Ridley, created an Addie Periodic Interactive Table. The colorful table provides briefly all factors concerning design, evaluation, analysis, implementation and development about instructional design.

This is only one of many posts, created by Mariana Ridley, who innovation seems to have not limits.

Who Cares About Facilitation Skills

By Instructional Design that Soar: Amazing post about facilitation skills!   This post was written by Guila Muir.  The post begins with a brief story about her invitation to give a lecture after September 11th tragedy, to government officials.  In her post, she began by expressing her feelings on her way to the event.

In detail Guila Muir discusses:

  • The origin of the world facilitation. 
  • Facilitation as a core leadership competencies
  • The Facilitation Power in Today’s World
  • 5 Principles in today’s facilitator


Is a great resource to assist Instructional Designers, with graphics, presentations and interactive videos, while instructing.  Upside Learning latest blog, describes ways for instructional designers to create a timeline.

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