Technology has certainly revolutionized the way we think, the way we communicate, the way we learn.  I never realized how virtual my life has become.  I work from home, so I communicate with my colleagues by instant messaging, blogging, emails and video conferencing.  My husband travels a lot, so we literally live on Skype.  My twenty four year old daughter studies abroad, so to communicate with her, we text, Skype or Facebook.  My twenty two year old moved out to her own place, she never picks up the phone but will text all day.  I can track what they are doing in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  Being a member of many organizations, blogging, emailing, texting and instant messaging, video or phone conferencing seem to be the only way to balance my work, personal and social life.  Furthermore, not only I work from home, but as I enjoy my online program at Walden University, for my Master in Instructional Design in Technology with a concentration in Training and Performance Development, technology certainly feeds my hunger to learn more about the most updated information in the industry.

In Connectivism, (Laureate Education, n.d.), George Siemens, discusses Connectivism as a learning theory that integrates social networks, technology and information.  Siemens also discusses, how the abundance of information makes learning more complex for adult learners.  As an adult learner, I find difficult to limit the boundaries of technology in relation to learning. The central tenets of Connectivism is that people learn through the networks they construct to obtain knowledge.

Creating this mind map, I reflected on how my connections facilitate learning.  How has my network change the way I learn? In relation to instructional Design, WaldenU is amazingly rich from, Walden Library, to Tech resources, Course group chats, iGrad, Blog Links Board and much more.  I have to say as well, this word press blog among other blogs, has given me the opportunity to learn from so many professionals and organizations in field.  I continue appreciating their work in a daily basis.  In relation to work, Travel & Tourism, my other learning love, I am blessed to say I work for a global travel related company who is technology rich in resources to provide learning in so many ways, from e-learning destinations, to virtual webminars and conferences to work global network blogging and much more. 

In relation to personal interest, I have always being very interested in charitable work helping children around the globe.  Having a missionary nun, as my favorite aunt and being part of organizations, such as Catholic Council of Women, who has an International Council in my local church, I have being privileged to continue my work.  If I were to evaluate what digital tools best facilitate learning for me, I personally have to say, Skype is amazing, learning with my husband as he travel the world sharing ideas and videos about different destinations.  WaldenU tools are the best, in Instructional Design theory learning, in practice Youtube, itunesU and organizations found in Word Press and other blogs facilitated by my colleagues have been amazing learning resources.  Consequently, when I have questions, I gain new knowledge by researching on mentioned resources.  Indeed, as you can imagine, my personal learning network supports fully the central tenets of Connectivism. 


Laureate Publication, Inc.  [Producer]. (n.d.).  Connectivism. Retrieved from Walden course EDUC 6115.



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